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About us

Since they met, Fanny and Thibault, our two budding entrepreneurs, have been looking for a common professional project that would combine both work and passion. Because of their respective family experiences, the choice of opening a restaurant quickly became obvious.
But how to diversify and bring a fresh touch to the gastronomic life of Bastogne? It was while thinking about a trip that would take them to the other side of the world that the idea of an ephemeral theme restaurant blossomed in their minds. The Mel'ting pot project was launched, Fanny and Thibault were going to make a culinary world tour.
The decision of their first stopover was therefore taken. They went to the land of the Aztecs to broaden their culinary culture. What followed was an unconditional love for this colourful country with its exotic flavours. It was in this spirit that they took cooking classes in Mexico in order to import its traditional dishes into our beautiful Ardennes region. 
They have set themselves the challenge of making you travel, will you be tempted?

Some inspiration...

Josian, BE

"Very nice discovery. Quiet setting. Music and decor give the impression of being on vacation. Ultra friendly staff. Kitchen as advertised (menu). Very good value for money."

Lucia, BE

"Very good dishes, brilliant service, all in a very nice setting. I highly recommend you go there!"

Litusima, BE

"Great experience! The cuisine is top notch and invites you to travel, the terrace is incredible and the staff are super friendly..
Indulge ! 🔥🌮🍹"
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